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Private jet travel is necessary, expensive, and complex. Professional management is imperative but not required. The choice between jet ownership, fractional ownership, and charter is complicated and you may have already made your decision. But, the most important decision is which Aviation Adviser will you trust to manage your private jet travel now and in the future. Alerion has a proven track record of performance and is the global leader.

Find out how Alerion Aviation treats your aircraft needs with fiduciary responsibility.


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Private jet Management

Experience the additional benefits of private jet management with Alerion Aviation’s private aircraft management systems. Enjoy stress-free aircraft ownership while Alerion Aviation handles every detail of your aircraft’s management. We remove the ambivalence out of private aircraft management by providing comprehensive maintenance scheduling, detailed financial analyses, and life cycle budgeting. Alerion Aviation ensures that your asset remains a revenue generating tool in peak operating condition, all while retaining its maximum value without impacting your personal access.



From take-off to tarmac, Alerion has you and your aircraft covered. Alerion’s maintenance and jet management program means you never have to worry about the safety of your aircraft. Alerion is a nationally recognized leader in operational safety and one of only a handful of elite companies who meet the highest industry audit standards. To ensure the safety of our members, all Alerion pilots are Wyvern Wingman certified operators. Our aircraft have received the ARG/US Platinum rating, having completed a stringent on-site audit under the EASA standards. With Alerion Aviation, never compromise your safety. Learn more about our maintenance and safety practices.



The Alerion Aviation private aircraft management program provides a litany of benefits to owners and their assets. Members of our jet management program have access to a state of the art owner's portal. The Alerion owner portal will provide details about your aircraft, maintenance, crew scheduling, along with financial information such as expenses, receipts, and other cost-reporting data.

●  Substantial operational savings through fleet purchases of fuel, crew training and handling services
●  24 hour flight operation and scheduling
●  Comprehensive domestic and international trip planning logistics
●  Detailed financial analysis with transparent reporting
‍‍●  Maintenance management and oversight
‍●  Insurance and risk management
‍●  Flight crew recruiting, training and HR services
●  Concierge services

Alerion has private jets for sale.
Alerion Aviation is the world's best air management company. Our aircraft management solutions provide financial assets and help your asset.
Call Alerion Aviation for private jet management and private aircraft management services.


Alerion Aviation private aircraft management company has physical operations in the top private jet markets. Your aircraft will be cared for with unremitting attention to detail. Utilize our dedicated facilities, or ask us about a facility of your choice.

New York

Alerion Aviation has dedicated aircraft management facilities at Farmingdale Republic Airport (FRG) in Long Island, New York. We know the processes and systems to enhance your jet's service.


Do you need your private aircraft in or near the white, sandy beaches of Florida? Alerion Aviation maintains world-class jets through our personal West Palm Beach, Florida facility.

Los angeles

Alerion Aviation manages private aircraft out of Van Nuys and Long Beach, California airports. We can manage flight operations at a facility to suit your specific private jet management needs

New Jersey

Alerion operates jet aircraft out of Teterboro airport. Enjoy our long term vendor relationships and significant cost savings.


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