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Bombardier LR-60

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Tail Number: N60GF

Year Manufactured: 1997

Interior Remodel Year: 2008

Exterior Remodel Year: 2008

Baggage Space Ft3: 24

Range NM: 2658

Air Speed KT: 436

Base Airport: KPBI

Base State: FL

Cabin Height: 5'9"

Cabin Width: 5'11"

Cabin Length: 17'8"

Aircraft Type: Midsize

Interior Amenities

GoGo's advanced wifi system, providing passengers with fast and reliable internet access throughout their flight.
Ample storage space for luggage, golf clubs, and other equipment, ensuring that passengers can bring everything they need
Spacious cabin capable of carrying up to 7 passengers in comfort
Luxurious interior with plush leather seats, elegant wood paneling, and high-quality finishes that provide a refined atmosphere

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