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Standards & Safety

Alerion is a nationally recognized leader in operational safety and one of only a handful of elite companies who meet the highest standards with a ARG/US Platinum rating, IS-BAO Stage 3 and is a Wyvern registered operator. We exceed all industry audit standards, but more importantly, we exceed owner expectations for consistently safe flight.

Alerion Aviation is one of only 4 Air Carrier Operations worldwide to receive the ARG/US Platinum Elite rating. Platinum Elite is the aviation industry's first continuous monitoring safety evaluation system. The ARGUS Platinum Elite rating signifies the highest levels of dedication to world-class safety standards are met and provides customers with increased visibility and peace of mind when it comes to selecting a provider for private jet travel.

Alerion Aviation is one of fewer than 20 Charter Operators in the US to have achieved IS-BAO Stage 3 standard. IS-BAO is the recognized worldwide business aviation code of practice, modeled on the IS-9000 family of standards. It requires the development of programs, systems, processes and procedures to meet the highest safety, security standards and practices for the operation of aircraft applicable to business aviation.

Alerion Aviation is a Wyvern registered operator. Alerion's Wyvern registration allows our customers to verify regulatory certifications, fleet data, crew qualifications and insurance information via an independent source.

Alerion Aviation is member of the Air Charter Safety Foundation. Alerion's membership is a testament to our dedication to safety in all aspects of our operation.

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