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Family trips are meant for memorable moments, not worrying about schedules, missed flights, or connections. Our dedicated air charter agents are available 24 hours to book private flights when you need them most. Let Alerion coordinate everything from ground transportation to in-flight entertainment. Enjoy your trip long before you land, and experience excellence in aviation. From take-off to tarmac, we guarantee a safe and luxurious flight. Request a jet charter quote from our aviation agents and make the sky yours.


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You expect unmitigated privacy, security, and a committed partner in private aviation. Skip the parking garage and TSA delays, and enjoy reliable private charter flights from Alerion.  We're ready to fly when you are. Travel in ease and enjoy our spacious luxury cabins, a superior experience for every family member, business colleague, and pet. Alerion offers luxurious private flights with unmatched safety to your next destination. Book a private jet charter now and let us take the stress out of your travel plans.

Commitment to safety & OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE

your safety is our top priority

All Alerion pilots are Wyvern Wingman certified operators, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of all our members. Exceeding all industry audit standards, Alerion is a nationally recognized leader in operational safety. Our aircraft have received the ARG/US Platinum rating, having completed a stringent on-site audit under the EASA standards. Fly Alerion and never compromise your safety. Learn more about our safety and standards practices.


stress-free private charter flights

Spend less time planning & traveling and more time at your destination. Every detail of your private jet flight from Alerion is expertly planned by our experienced agents & concierge teams. Your flights are specially catered to you to meet all of your needs.

Alerion Air Charter Service. Our Citation X jet charter.
Book a Falcon 900B private jet.
Charter private flights for ultimate convenience, luxury, and flexibility.

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Explore a few of the planes in our word-class jet charter fleet. Contact Alerion's aviation experts to find a luxury cabin that is perfect for you.

From take off to landing, the safety of Alerion members is our top priority. As a nationally recognized leader in operational safety, Alerion exceeds all of the industry audit standards. To ensure the safety and satisfaction of you and your business

Gulfstream IV

With 13 executive seats, the Gulfstream IV is designed for comfort for the whole family or the entire corporate team. Having a range of 4,264 sm and a cruising speed of 534 knots, we guarantee to get you within minutes of your destination. Stay connected and relaxed with our international WiFi. Satcom Phone system, Conference table monitors, and a premium surround sound system.



The Citation X is a top of the line jet with a range of 3463 sm, a cruise speed of 430 knots and a ceiling of 51,000 ft. This aircraft features 8 executive seats, free WiFi, four fold out LCD monitors, and a Nexus 4k UHD cabin entertainment system with unlimited movie streaming.


legacy 600

Unmatched in comfort, the Legacy 600 features 13 executive seats for a relaxing flight. Stay connected to those on the ground while you're 40,000 feet high with forward and Aft Flat screens, Satcom Iridium and Aerocom Interphone system, Medaire Service and Free unlimited Wi-Fi.


hawker 900xp

With 8 executive seats it has a range of 2664 NM, cruise speed of 419 knots and ceiling of 41,000 ft. Equipped with an Airshow 410 system, Free Unlimited Domestic Wifi, SatCom AirCell phone, and an enclosed Lavatory


gulfstream ivsp

With 13 executive seats it has a range of 4,353 sm, cruise speed of 464 knots and ceiling of 45,000 ft. Equipped with a Magnastar Phone system, Airshow 400, High Definition Monitors, Full service galley, and a dedicated flight attendant.


falcon 900b

With 14 executive seats you are guaranteed to get the entire family or the whole office to your destination in safety & comfort. The Falcon 900B has a range of 3984 nm, cruising speed of 435 knots, and a ceiling of 51,000 ft.

endless possibilities

personalized comfort & convenience

With Alerion, every flight is personal. All of your travel plans are arranged by our experienced brokers and dedicated concierge team. All of your needs are anticipated. From ground transportation and in-flight entertainment to gourmet meals, every detail is handled to offer you the best in private aviation. Explore the possibilities of personalized private flights with Alerion Aviation.

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Alerion private charter flights take the stress out of your life by planning every flight around your schedule. We help you maintain your peace of mind with the ability to go to your meeting or even a weekend getaway without the fear of missing a flight. 



Flying is the backbone of your business, and your gateway to the world. No matter the itinerary, you deserve a charter service that exceeds the expectations of your personal and professional life. Fly in style, make your air travel a positive experience. You deserve it, and so does your family.

comfort & convenience

your destinations on your time

Experience unparalleled service with on-demand private flights from Alerion. With facilities located in the top, private jet markets, you avoid the hassle that awaits a major airports. Alerion has access to thousands of airports, getting you closer to your destination in less time. Call our agents now and do more with your time.

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